Monday, March 30, 2015

3/30 - UCFSD PSERS Contributions

Understanding UCFSD PSERS Contributions


Has UCFSD, in the past, suspended its contributions to PSERS?

In public statements and on the UCFEA* Facebook page, Scott Broomall (UCFEA* President), has asserted that for years the district suspended its contributions to PSERS.  

  1. UCFSD has never suspended its contributions to PSERS.
  2. By law UCFSD can only pay what the state mandates, no more or less.  The state sends each district a bill for PSERS each year and that is the only amount they can pay.
  3. UCFSD has always made its PSERS contributions.  The details of what it has paid by year are public record.  Click here to review the chart, or click here to the see the whole presentation (Budget Review 2014).

Bottom Line:
This claim is not true.  UCFSD has never suspended its PSERS payments.

Additional Information:

*UCFEA - the Unionville-Chadds Ford Education Association represents the teachers in contract negotiations

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