Monday, April 20, 2015

4/20 - Teacher Salaries

Understanding how the Current Board Proposal Impacts Teacher Salaries


Are some teacher’s salaries frozen and is it true that the pay schedule has remained the same since 2012?

In recent comments, and on the UCFEA* Facebook page Scott Broomall (UCFEA* President), has asserted that top salaries and starting salaries have remained the same since 2012 and that by freezing top salaries UCFSD’s standing among local schools will plummet.  UCFEA has also stated that UCFSD is now paying less for professional salaries than it did in 2009-2010.

  1. The average annual increase among all teachers for the past 6 years has been 2.8%.  
    1. 70% of our teachers (those not on step 16) have averaged 3.6% annually.
    2. 30% of our teachers (largely those on step 16) have averaged .9% annually.
  2. The current offer addresses starting and top salaries that have remained the same since 2012.
    1. Starting salaries will be raised from $48,520 to $49,520.
    2. Top salaries (at step level 16) will rise from $102,741 to $104,741.
    3. Teachers going from step 15 to step 16 will realize a 4.8% or better pay raise.
    4. The current top salary ($102,741) had placed UCFSD at number 18 out of 500 districts in the state (based on most recent data available from PDE).  The proposed $2,000 raise will help insure that UCFSD teacher salaries remain among the best in the state.
  3. Individual teachers are earning more today than in 2009-2010, on average almost 17% more and for most nearly 22% more.

Bottom Line:
  • Most teachers (70%) have earned annual salary increases of 3.6% for the past 6 years.
  • Teachers on step 16 who have reached the top of the scale will see their salaries increase from $102,741 to $104,741.

Additional Information:

*UCFEA - the Unionville-Chadds Ford Education Association represents the teachers in contract negotiations

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